Software Engineer - FinTech/Web Applications

Software Engineer - FinTech/Web Applications

Full Time - Software Engineer - FinTech/Web Applications

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Key Technologies: es6, javascript, css, html, git, docker, react, ...

Extremely Heavy Industries, a software consultancy based in New York and California, is searching for an experienced software developer to help build sophisticated, data-rich web and mobile applications using modern web/Javascript frameworks and data visualization libraries.

Location: New York Area or Remote

Since: Mon Oct 07 13:27:59 UTC 2019


We create highly polished web apps for private financial clients that include well established hedge funds with a worldwide presence. We specialize in tools to track and visualize portfolio performance, risk, and trading activity across a wide range of asset classes, countries, and strategies.

Basic Information:

  • Location: New York Area (30 Mins from Midtown NYC) or Remote
  • Job Type: Full-time
  • Rate: $125K - $200k/year, Dependent on experience


  • A strong knowledge of object-oriented programming, functional programming, and software best practices is required of all candidates.
  • We seek to design extremely usable, maintainable, and polished software. Attention to detail and focus on code quality, API design, and user experience is mandatory.
  • Candidates must be highly motivated, self-sufficient, and able to hit the ground running quickly.


  • We primarily work with a React/MobX based framework on the client and Java/Groovy/Grails on the server. An ideal candidate would have real-world experience with these platforms, but we are very happy to consider candidates who have experience in other toolkits and/or related languages and web technologies.
  • We are looking for front-end centric developers with a keen sense of layout and design. Experience with JavaScript (ES6), JSON, HTML, and CSS is highly valued.
  • We are also looking for programmers who can build efficient, reliable, and maintainable back-end APIs and libraries. Multi-threading, memory management, and database access are critical to our daily work.
  • Any DevOps experience with tools for code management, continuous integration, deployment, and automated monitoring would be highly valued. AWS, Git, Docker, Kubernetes, Rancher and TeamCity are some of our current tools in these areas.

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