About us

Who We Are

DevAlert is an online platform which curates the best, available remote jobs and internships worldwide. This platform works by connecting available jobs to tech professionals who need them. DevAlert works in such a way that once subscribed, you get alerted of remote jobs whether part time, fulltime as well as, remote jobs in Europe or any other location you desire to work with.
At DevAlert we enable developers apply and build their skills at top companies around the world, while working from the comfort of their workspaces where they are the most comfortable and productive.

Here’s How Devalert works to get you remote jobs

With the rise in innovation, there is an increase in available tech positions to be filled in various industries around the world. DevAlert works by bridging the growing gap between the increasing numbers of developers needed to remotely fill these positions around the world.


Our email subscription service, gives our users weekly updates on the latest remote job opportunities right into their inbox, this ensures remote job seekers never miss an opportunity to get hired remotely. This service is only available to subscribed users. Click to subscribe